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Required Materials

WI Licensing Rules for Group Child Care

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

Learning Plan 1

Brain Development

CDC Developmental Milestones
The Growing Child: 6-12 Years

The Importance of Play
Curriculum Development - An Introduction

How Play Connects to Learning
Five Essentials to Meaningful Play
Back to Basics: Play in Early Childhood

Learning Plan 2

How to Create a Curriculum Web with Lesson Plans for Preschoolers
Early Childhood Development in Preschool
Early Childhood Curriculum Models

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Learning Plan 3

Child Observation #1: Climbing Stairs
Child Observation #2: Sensory Play
Child Observation #3: Blocks

Learning Plan 4

Child Care for Children with Special Needs
Communicating with and About People with Disabilities

The links below (8) are to be used for Assignments 2 & 3.
Embedded Interventions - Module 1
The link below provides instructions for accessing Embedded Interventions (above).

Why Inclusion Matters Part 1
Why Inclusion Matters Part 2 Prevention of Expulsion in Early Childhood 
Setting Up the Environment to Meet the Physical Needs of Children
Effective Practices Self-Assessment
Toy Tips: Adapting Toys and Materials to Meet a Variety of Needs.

Cara’s Kit: Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities
Sharing Concerns with Families: Observations and Recordings (Part 1)

Learning Plan 5

Teaching Diversity:  A Place to Begin is no longer available.
Anti-Bias Lessons Help Preschoolers Hold up a Mirror to Diversity is no longer available.
Teaching Children About Diversity
How to Teach Kids About Diversity & Acceptance
Teaching Diversity to Your Kids  Don't miss the latter part of this publication, "Smart Answers to Tough Questions".

Learning Plan 6

Child Development and Learning
Creating Indoor Environments for Young Children
Age Appropriate Toy Ideas for Child Care
Product Recalls – Safe Kids

Learning Plan 8

Creative Art Helps Children Develop Across Many Domains
Art in Child Care

Learning Plan 9

Social Studies Concepts
Science Concepts
Math Concepts

Learning Plan 10

Helping Children in Child Care Be Physically Active
Keeping Children Active Indoors
10 Fun Games from Around the World
Brain Gym Activities

Learning Plan 11

What are the Benefits of Field Trips for Children?

Learning Plan 12

Setting Up Your Preschool Learning Centers 
Keys to Planning Successful Learning Centers
Early Brain Development & Health: Center for Disease Control
Learning Plan 13

Overview of Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma
Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite

Understanding Challenging Behavior in Young Children
Building Supportive Environments:  Setting Rules and Expectations

Learning Plan 15

The Components of a Childcare Professional  This publication is no longer available.
NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct & Statement of Commitment

NSO Qualities of a Child Care Professional